Aug 13, 2016

Summer dissolves in my mouth and I can't remember what it tasted like.

(Title quote: Zoë Lianne, "Erasure".)

And so summer passed in a blur of undistinguishable days and weeks. Tomorrow I'm heading back to Stockholm and I'm certainly feeling melancholic (to say the least). Such a quick and strange summer it has been. I spent all of it (save for these past few nights) at my summer house, which we always used to do when I was younger. For the past couple years, we've only been out for a handful of weeks due to complaining siblings, my moms work, travels... there's always been something going on.

This year, it's been absolutely wonderful to live out there for so long. I've worn nothing but denim cutoffs, old t-shirts and Birkenstocks, my hair thrown up in messy arrangements, my make-up bag barely touched. I had the epitome of an idyllic summer job, running a small countryside café, where I could hang around and read books, sitting in front of a crackling fire on cold, rainy days, and outside in a blooming garden when the sun was shining.

I've gone swimming at sunset, cliff-diving into an ocean filled with jellyfish (conquering my fears hurrah!), hiking with the dogs and my sister deep into the nature reserve where everything is raw and untouched, running past fields and forest and more fields. I'm very thankful for all the serenity and happiness nature has bestowed upon me, hopefully it will take a long while before these things are depleted.

It hasn't been a very warm or eventful summer, but magical nonetheless. Thought I would just pile all the pretty pictures I've taken below, without rhyme or reason. It looks as mildly chaotic and unstructured as my summer has been.

 Back to reality, I guess.


  1. Men sluta skriv så himla fint!! Och alltså din sommar låter ju helt underbar.

    1. Åh vad du är gullig! Tack så mycket ❤️❤️ Hoppas du också haft en fin sommar - din Londonresa såg ju jättekul ut! 😊😊😊