Apr 20, 2016

Spring Break in Paris Pt.2 - Versailles

On the second day of our Paris trip, Saturday the 2nd of April, we decided to take the RER-train out to Versailles for the day. While planning the trip, we agreed pretty early on that Versailles was a total must-see for us. I have never been before and I absolutely love castles and especially the beautiful gardens that accompany them, and Versailles is supposed to be the queen of castles, right?
The castle of Versailles is only around a thirty minute train ride from the city center so it's the perfect little day trip to take.

We arrived sometime before noon, dressed in summer clothes despite it being a little too cold and carrying a bag filled with food in the hopes of being able to picnic in the gardens somewhere. The queues to get in weren't long at all and since EU-citizens under the age of 26 get in for free, it took us no time at all to get in. The inside is all gilded rooms and velvet-everything, which is as always beautiful to look at it in all its opulence, but it's certainly the history and the sheer hugeness of it that makes Versailles special. 

It was a gloomy Saturday and the sky seemed to promise rain at any time, so our dreams of picnicking were slightly squandered. We did end up eating our lunch by one of the fountains, but it was cold and it even started raining for a bit so it ended up being a hurried affair.
Instead, we took a long wander around the gardens and oh my, they are never-ending. We could've easily continued walking for many more hours. Some sunshine would've probably made the gardens completely magical but they were still pretty on such a dull day.

We also checked out the Petit Trianon, which is a smaller castle on the grounds which Marie Antoinette used to escape court-life. I was apparently a little to chilled to take pictures, though.
We took the train back to Paris a little later after strolling around the village of Versailles, which is filled with beautiful houses that I wanted to live in.

All our evenings have been devoid of photographs, but I can tell you that we had dinner at a cozy Mexican restaurant in the heart of Saint Germain des Prés before walking back trough a downpour back to our hotel for the night.

The day trip I'll be taking next time I'm in Paris will be to Monet's gardens in Giverny, which I'm dying to see.


  1. Svårt att tro att det redan har varit typ 3 veckor sedan vi var där! Nästa gång åker vi definitivt ut till Monets trädgård!!

  2. Alltså Versailles är så vackert! Tröttnar nog aldrig på det.