Apr 9, 2016

Spring break in Paris pt.1

Going away on a girls trip to Paris was exactly what my friend Olivia and I needed after a month of arduous studying and stressing about exams. Spending four days in a city completely different from your own and dedicating yourself to exploring as much of it as possible was the perfect shift in focus and gave us some healthy distance from our everyday lives. 

I've been to Paris many times at this point but there is obviously something about the city that makes me return. Upon arrival, when riding the worn-out metro trains or trying to squeeze through hoards of tourists, I always find myself thinking that no, I could never live in a place like this, especially coming from a city like Stockholm where everything is very orderly and clean.  But after walking around and properly taking it all in I realise that I would absolutely want to spend an extended amount of time in Paris. It's a stunning city with endless amounts of things to explore.

We managed to see so many things in the short days we were there, which was great since Olivia had never been there before. Personally, I loved the fact that spring had arrived properly, that I got to dust off my french and that I got to spend four days with one of my favourite people and realising that we work really well together as travel-companions ^^ 

To start off some kind of trip-summary, these following pictures are all from our first full day in the city where we started off the day by eating a late breakfast in the Tuileries gardens before checking off tons of typical Paris attractions.

Two bons vivants eating baguettes and pastries by one of the fountains in front of the Louvre. 

By some miracle, we arrived at the Louvre when there was almost no one there which meant that it took us about three minutes before we were strolling around the exhibitions. I'm still so confused as to how there were no lines... ? Anyway, this meant we could peruse the artworks without elbowing our way through thick crowds.
Seriously...look how empty is was!

The area around Notre Dame, despite being packed by tourists (like ourselves hehe) is one of the prettiest areas! We were a little sad that we had come to early to see all the trees blooming but we did find one magnolia tree!

Other places we explored:

Palais Royal - this fountain is the perfect place to picnic when the sun is out!

 The pantheon!

 + Shakespeare and Company of course! I would love to check out their café next time...I think they have vegan options which is rare for Paris (more on this later).

We ate dinner at a restaurant close to where we lived (in the 9th arrondissement) which was okay but not anything super special so I don't have any pictures. We were both quite tired after walking a ton during the day and spent the evening eating french candy and being silly in our hotel room which was the perfect ending to a busy day.

More Paris to come soon!



  1. Såå fint! Vill verkligen tillbaka till Paris. Låter som ni hade det jättefint :)

    1. Alltså jaaaa, Paris är bäst. <3

  2. Paris is one of my favourite cities in the world, it's so beautiful and the food is simply amazing! It looks like you had a lovely time and can't wait for the next post! :) x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

    1. Paris is truly magical!! Thank you! :) x