Apr 12, 2016

New Beauty Bits

I love going out and replenishing my beauty cupboard, it makes my daily beauty routines so much more enjoyable and luxurious.

On the way home from Paris I bought a set of Nuxe products seeing as I had just run out of my moisturizer. The set came with their classic Huile Prodigiuese, their Crème Fraîche de Beauté - moisturizer, the Rêve de Miel hand and nail cream, and a miscellar cleansing water (which is not pictured above.) I love Nuxe products, they smell amazing, they're quite affordable, and I find they work really well!

Once home in Sweden, Mimmi (link) came to visit me and of course we had to stop by & Other Stories, which is one of the best stores here in Stockholm. Beyond having really great clothing collections and accessories, they also have a wonderful beauty section with lots and lots of body and makeup products for decent prices. I always want to buy one of everything! Alas, I restrained myself and picked up two things that I've fallen in love with.

First up is the Fleur de Mimosa Body Mist (link). It's hard to think of body mists and not picture disgustingly sweet Victorias Secret scents that you wore when you were thirteen but the ones from & Other Stories simply come off as milder versions of their perfumes. I'm pleasantly surprised by how long this last on my skin after I've applied it, and it's a really fresh and floral scent.

The second item I picked up is from one of their new ranges and is the Perle de Coco Body Wash. This stuff smells heavenly and makes me want to shower all day.
The container reads "milky coconut cruising seas of warm vanilla and sweet caramel", haha, which is actually pretty accurate! I'm dying to go pick up the matching body lotion so I can smother myself with the joke.

If you haven't checked out &Other Stories beauty range before, I implore you to! It's just really great stuff and the store is beautiful to walk around in!

I guess it's almost a form of spring cleaning; buying new fresh products and perhaps a few new clothing items to dust off the cobwebs of winter and try to embody the new, brighter season. I'm excited to start using these.



  1. Åh du vet hur mycket jag älskar &Other Stories! Jag köpte en av deras body mists precis innan jag reste bort- storleken och "staying power" är bara så himla bra!

    1. Tycker vi går dit och köper upp hela affären!!