Mar 9, 2016

Current Events - March

It's finally the first month of spring and with the exception of yet another exam period just around the corner, it seems that life is about to get a whole lot more exciting. There is nothing I love more than the upcoming months of sunshine and blossoming trees and eventually summer. 

When I've survived exams I get to indulge in two whole weeks of Easter break, which is going to such a luxurious time. I didn't really have a proper winter break because I had to study but that is not the case this time around! I'll be going home to my parents' house for a week or so before heading for a long weekend trip to Paris with my friend Olivia. So stoked to be going abroad for a bit, it's going to be lovely! I'm hoping that spring has long since hit Paris once we're there so we can have picnics along the Seine.
THEN school inevitably starts up again but the prospect of seeing Mimmi for the first time in forever makes everything better!
So, there's a lot to get forward to and that's what's keeping me going as I try to study as much as possible for the next two weeks! Excellent motivation, I think!

So enough about the future, let's rewind a little bit to see what's been going on recently:
I've tried to go running a few times on days when it's been a little warmer and I've managed to time them with some stunning sunsets.  As you can see, we still have some snow up here but it seems to be finally was a whole 5+ today! 

I went secondhand-shopping with a newfound friend of mine and found this pleated Adidas skirt that I couldn't pass up. It's navy and reminds me so much of the classic American Apparel skirts, that I had to have it! I also treated myself to this lace dress from Zara when having a wander around the city this past Friday with Olivia...thought I'd get started on my summer wardrobe! :)

Why buy flowers when you can decorate with lettuce? hah 
& Studying in all it's glory. So happy that I bought a proper dinner table, which gives me lots of space for all my textbooks and whatnot. Other things that make studying more bearable? Colourful pens, my new laptop and coffee. 

Finally, I had a crazy impulse to chop my hair I did.
What can I say? I think it looks cute.



  1. Vad fint det blev med kortare hår! Passar dig jättebra ju. Och ser så mycket fram emot att ses igen och vandra runt i Stockholm! :)

    1. Tack så mycket! :))) Det ska bli så trevligt!!