Jan 29, 2016

What went on this week

This week got off to the wrong start, seeing as I got precisely one hour of sleep Sunday night and ended up skipping my morning lecture due to being completely sleep deprived. Not that big of a deal, really, and I didn't really miss anything significant but it meant that I spent the first three days of the week being very tired.

However, things seemed to pick up from there and besides being 100% confused by microeconomics (one of my classes this semester), the rest of the week has been pretty decent. The snow melted and the temperatures rose to much milder degrees, I went to the gym twice, a group assignment that we had was completed without too much fuss and perhaps most excitingly... I bought a new laptop! 

Honestly, I am so excited. I've been dreaming of trading in my six year old, slow-as-fuck macbook and today it finally happened. It feels amazing to be working with a laptop that actually behaves and does what you want it to. I think it will be great for my studies and for blogging...editing pictures and all of that is actually doable now without me going crazy from it taking so long.

Some more good things: watching new tv-shows - currently Portlandia and Twin Peaks, January coming to an end, getting used to living by myself, listening to St.Vincent, and Daughter's new album Not To Disappear and re-watching Parks when you're feeling low.


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