Jan 17, 2016

Cold beginnings

It's a new year. I've moved into a new place. Tomorrow a new semester of classes start and I finally feel like I can let go of 2015. The whole new-year-new-start-thing doesn't really work when you have exams both before and after Christmas.
And I truly do hope this year brings better things. I'm done with feeling blue, anxious and generally negative and I've resolved to try to deal with my problems rather than to let them fuel life.

Stockholm is freezing and covered in snow that will most likely stick around for a while (it's -13 outside). I'm living out in the suburbs now and it's actually a quite nice contrast to being surrounded by city noise all the time. I also have my own little house and fulfilling my dreams of living completely by myself; it's very freeing. 

Here's a sneak peak of my new place:

My cozy little dining area. I bought a table from Ikea that you can easily make three times bigger in case I decide to have people over. Also loving silver decorations as you might be able to tell.

Colourful books are the perfect contrast to all the white of the apartment. Can't wait to bring more of my books up next time I go home to my parents. I mean, where are my Harry Potter books??

My mom insisted that I needed a TV so that I wouldn't get lonely which is kind of crazy but I've only had it for a week and I'm already obsessed. I love being able to watch Parks and Rec before going to bed and having noise in the background while I'm cooking or getting ready.

Having the opportunity to decorate my own place is so wonderful! I brought a ton of stuff with me from my parents house (this lamp for example, and the curtains that used to be in my old room in France) but I'm also looking forward to buying more prints for the walls and other knick-knacks.

I've just had four days of relaxation after the most stressful month and a half in ages. I've slept late, watched a lot of TV and socialized in non-study-related situations. Friday evening, my friend and I watched the 1989 World Tour movie while drinking a lot of tequila and it was completely magical. There is seriously nothing better than drunkenly belting out to Taylor Swift while wearing pyjamas. We continued this wonderfulness by going to see Star Wars yesterday and even though I had seen it once before, I loved it just as much (if not even more...).

After this very necessary dose of fun, I feel so ready for a new semester. Bring it on. 

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