Oct 27, 2015

Glorious Autumn Light

There's nothing more frustrating than finally understanding what you're studying the night before the exam. I wish I could've gotten over the brick wall a few days earlier so I could've gotten even further...but oh well, at least I understand most of it now.

I'm exhausted.  My brain is overworked and my right hand is aching from all the note-taking and mind-mapping I've been doing but the end to the misery is almost here.

Beautiful autumn days make exam-periods slightly better, the sun has been shining all the time and has been casting the most wonderful light on the city. It's fantastic to go full weeks without rain and I'm looking forward to the arrival of November.

Anyway, I'm procrastinating and I need to get back to revising until I possibly can't cram any more economic models into my head...tomorrow evening can't come fast enough. 

See yous later. 

Oct 21, 2015

Current events

On the train somewhere in mid-Sweden / Evenings at home in front of the TV 

Stress is running high and mighty at the moment thanks having exams on the horizon. I've spent the last two days stuck at my desk, taking endless notes whilst watching documentaries to keep the boredom at bay.
I am finally being productive though, so I'm feeling quite good about it.

Currently: Watching the news while growing increasingly tired of my own handwriting

Last Wednesday, I booked a last minute train ticket to go home for a few days and it was very nice to get away. The plan was to study during my time at home but in typical fashion, I abandoned those plans after one afternoon and spent the remaining time doing nothing more than hanging around the house, cooking and force-cuddling my dog.

I flew back up to Stockholm just in time to make it to my group presentation on Monday and since then I have been buried in revision. Lets just say that I am looking forward to next Wednesday, when I've hopefully passed two exams and I get the rest of the week off for more exploration and Halloween-celebrating before my next two courses start. Very excited.

Here are some thematic things to liven upp this rather dull post:


Oct 6, 2015


And so October arrived once again with splendid sunshine and a slight drop in temperatures which means that my favourite cashmere scarf got to accompany me out on my weekend adventures. Autumn might possibly be the best time for photographing, the sunshine is softer than during the summer and it makes everything look all heavenly.
It's almost midnight and I don't have much to say really, but I felt like checking in for a minute. Once again, I have one too many Stockholm-pictures to show but that's what my camera-roll consists of at the moment. I need to work on diversifying my content.

We've had the most stunning sunsets where the sky has been filled with neon-pink clouds and I have, of course, attempted to capture every single one of these moments. I can honestly admit that I think autumn is wonderful (almost hurts to say, being the hardcore summer-lover that I am). As long as the sun is shining, I don't mind this season at all.

I've made a list of some things I would like to do in October in order to make the most out of it. This list includes taking the bus out to a forest or two for a good dose of nature, baking at least once, watching some spooky movies (ahem spooky, not scary), visiting a farmer's market and quite a few other things that fit in with the cosy time of year that we're entering. I'm quite excited.

To wrap up this impromptu post, I'll leave you with a very appropriate quote that makes my heart swell from it's loveliness:

October arrived, spreading a damp chill over the grounds and into the castle. Madam Pomfrey, the nurse, was kept busy by a sudden spate of colds among the staff and students. Raindrops the size of bullets thundered on the castle windows for days on end; the lake rose, the flower beds turned into muddy streams, and Hagrid’s pumpkins swelled to the size of garden sheds."

(which reminds me it's high time for another HP re-read.)
See you soon!