Sep 20, 2015


What a brilliant and beautiful Sunday! The sun has been shining non stop and it was too warm to wear a about a complete turnaround from yesterday. My original plans for the day consisted of studying but it is now 4 pm and not a page has been no success in that regard. However, who can stay inside and try to understand economics when it's such a stunning day outside?
 I could not. 
I laced up my sneakers and headed out to explore Södermalm, where I live. Let's see what I found: 

The view from my window this morning was inviting me out. 

I walked past Mariatorget, which is a square surrounded by cafés and bakeries. The light was absolutely dreamy. 

I headed towards Skinnarviksberget and passed by these adorable houses...I want to live here. 

This area of Stockholm feels like its something out of a story. 

Even if it was difficult to find signs of autumn on a day like this, there were still a few hints here and there. 

I. cannot.with.this.light. 

Eventually the bushes gave way to a grand view of the entire city and I had to duck past tourists who were also trying to commemorate it. 

This here is the waterfront of the Old Town. That huge building behind the church tower is the palace. 

As you may or may not know, the city of Stockholm is built on many different islands which means that pretty much anywhere you go, you're never far away from the water. This is one of my favourite things about our capital, it calms down the hustle of a big city. 

After soaking up some more sun, I decided to be productive and head into the grocery store and that's when the blog-worthy events ended...
So happy to have spent some time with the camera this weekend. I had almost forgotten how much fun it is to capture some really good shots.


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