Sep 18, 2015


List of current events and thoughts: 

1. I've resolved to spend tomorrow with my camera. There is so much distance between my usual creative habits and myself at the moment that it's driving me nuts. 
2.  I ran for the first time since moving to Stockholm today and I'm once again reminded by how good it makes me feel. Let's keep at it!
3. It feels like autumn outside but this city is so pretty that I'm (almost) not too bummed out by it. 

4. I've had a lot of moments this week where I've missed Glasgow, which surprised me. I left that city feeling so deflated but looking back on last autumn, there were some really good times. 
5. Making friends in a new city is hard. 
6. I went out of my way to go find this café that supposedly has the best vegan chocolate cake ever (hello friday treat!) and they were out... *sadface*
7. I am the worst grocery shopper in the world. I legit spent over an hour buying five things today. I  have to stroll around the store at least three times before committing to anything. 
8. The metro stopped in the middle of one of the tunnels today and it lowkey 
9. Eating tofu ice cream and trying to pick out a book to read is just about how exciting my friday evening has been and now I'm turning in...

... Good night.


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