Sep 9, 2015


September evening in Stockholm's Old Town

It's Wednesday afternoon and I'm already halfway through my third week of living in Stockholm. I've moved up here to attend university and so far, things have been running smoothly. Introduction weeks are always hectic, especially for someone like me, who is easily overwhelmed by meeting too many new people at once. Luckily, things have finally landed a bit and I can establish some form of routine here.

Last year in Glasgow, the homesickness hit the moment I left for the airport but this time around I have yet to feel anything of the sort. I suppose I'm more routined now when it comes to living on my own but I also suspect that Stockholm is a better fit for me (although, I have had a moment or two of missing Glasgow too).

I took a walk through the old town a couple evenings ago and let's just say that I am so excited about being so close to such beautiful areas.

Okay, writing is so hard when out of practice....I've tried several times with this post but I can't achieve anything so I'm just going to leave it at this:
Hey, I  live in Stockholm now and I'm very ecstatic about beginning a new phase in my life here. Lets see what happens... 


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