Sep 19, 2015

A Saturday of Exploring

 As I mentioned in my previous post, I had plans to do some exploring, camera in hand, this Saturday. When I woke up this morning to grey skies, it was very tempting to stay indoors but after a hearty breakfast and no signs of raindrops, I decided that I needed a day of simply walking around everywhere and breathing in some brisk September air. The island of Djurgården was my planned destination as it not only houses a handful of museums, a theme park and waterfront views, but also a generous amount of forest. Let's start from the beginning: 

I hopped of the metro at Karlaplan, an area of Stockholm that's just next to the busy shopping streets but is remarkably quiet and filled with old people and strollers.

The buildings around Karlaplan are beautiful (and also some of the most expensive in the city given it's convenient location.)

After following one of the main streets for a few minutes, I ended up at Strandvägen, Stockholm most exclusive waterfront adress, where the bridge to Djurgården is located. 

Right across the bridge lies The Nordic Museum, housed in a very grand building. Stockholm, please offer free student tickets so I can go explore all your museums please?

You can see how the Virginia Creeper is turning red...autumn is so pretty. 

I walked past the museum and these chestnut trees, opting for a route that kept me walking close to the water.

                         Converse might not be the best walking-all-day shoes, but oh well. 

The chosen path took me past Rosendal Castle which is adorably pink. It looks like a dollhouse castle to me. 

Rosendal is perhaps best known for its gardens. Lots of people gather here to eat lunch, walk around in the botanical gardens and perhaps buy some freshly baked bread from the bakery/shop. 

Ooh! Ah! Flowers!

There is also an apple and pear orchard where the fruit currently hangs red and ripe in the trees. 

Instead of staying in the gardens for a coffee, I headed on in search of some forest. Which didn't take me long to find...

At this point I was very content. I love forests, especially during autumn. 

Then, I headed off in an unknown direction and eventually ended up on the road back to the city and somehow forgot to take my camera out again...oops.  My legs were quite tired after quite a few hours walking (and all the stair-sprints I did yesterday) so I headed back to Södermalm (the island of Stockholm that I live on) and tried to get to know more of what my local area has to offer (I'll have to do a post about that another day) before going home. 

The best thing about moving to a new city is that there are so many chances for exploration. In fact, I think exploring is essential when new to a else are you going to get to know it? 

Hope you had a good Saturday as well!


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