Aug 14, 2015

Rose gardens at Fredriksdal

On the last day of July, when the sky was overcast and promising rain, my grandma showed up and suggested we take a little trip somewhere to cure the tedious boredom that had set in after a week of inadequate weather. That somewhere ended up being Fredriksdal, located in the heart of Helsingborg, where I live. Fredriksdal is a vast park area that houses a variety of attractions including an estate house from 1787, a preserved town area that shows what Helsingborg looked like in the 19th century, old farm houses from the 17th century and my favourite part: endless gardens.

I dream of one day owning a little farm house (or maybe an estate haha) with plenty of space to plant everything that I could ever think of, so walking around in the bounty of Fredriksdal's gardens was very inspiring. There was a huge rose garden filled with every variation of colour and size of roses, which left us wondering how exactly one goes about planting a rose-arch (pictured above). Imagine having that in your own garden. How dreamy?!

Another highlight for me was their vegetable garden filled with tall beanstalks, ten different types of rhubarb, and practically every vegetable imaginable. For someone who is newly vegan and wishes she could be self-sufficient, a well-stocked vegetable patch is a bit of a fantasy. I was basically walking around as the heart-eyes emoji. Needless to say, my sister thought I'd gone a bit crazy.

After walking around the park trying to get a glimpse of the farm animals and being disappointed that we weren't allowed to pet the goats (I love goats), we grabbed a cup of coffee in one of the cafés (sadly, not very vegan-friendly) before going back towards the rose gardens for a second time before heading back home.

I've lived in Helsingborg for over a decade now and I'm often complaining about how little there is to do here but every once in a while, there certainly is the chance to see something new and exciting, perfect for afternoon adventures. What's the point of writing off a whole city before you've even seen everything?


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