Aug 15, 2015

August Sunsets

My friends and I have known each other for twelve years, which is a long time when you're only twenty years old. We have grown up together. I used to see their faces next to me in the classroom or hanging by the lockers during break almost everyday for seven years. Now I only see them a few times a year.

We're spread out at different universities, living different lives, occasionally checking in on each other and sharing stories of all the crazy shit that happens in the meantime. It's lucky our parents still all live in the same city, so that we end up in the same place during holidays, giving us a chance to hang out face-to-face and not face-to-screen-to-face.

An idyllic August evening is maybe the best time for such moments. Cooking dinner together, making things up as we go, and eventually settling down on the patio with full wine glasses and many new anecdotes to share. Last time we did this sort of thing it was January and we were making brunch, not dinner and we were certainly not seated outside and my legs were certainly not as tan as they are now and I certainly didn't expect the things that have happened to happen. A lot has changed but the wine and the sweet potato fries and the dynamic between us is all familiar, as I think they always will be.

We used to be dying to get out of this city and we're all happy that we've ended up elsewhere but when the background is a sunset too pretty to be real and the air is still warm at 11 pm, I don't think being back is so bad after all.


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