Jul 19, 2015

July Book Haul I

A few weeks ago, after receiving my pay check, I was so eager to hit the sales and find some new clothes for myself. I felt like I deserved it after some hard work, the passing of my birthday and with the receiving of some good news concerning this coming autumn.

To my great dismay, I found nothing.
Every store was a disappointment and I was about to leave the mall in a snappy mood until I decided that the least I could do was to treat myself to a book. It had been a while since I'd purchased any physical books anyway, as I'm often reading on my iPad.
I came out with Jane Austen's Emma, which I'm currently reading, and this prompted me to pick up a few more titles to entertain me during the rest of the summer. There is just nothing better than having a really solid TBR in front of you. I'm so excited to dive into these:

The Historian | Elisabeth Kostova

Synopsis: While exploring her father's library, a young woman finds an ancient book that sends her into a world of mysteries and secrets about her family's past.
Why I'm excited: History + mysteries + suspense is a winning combination. I've only heard great things!

Station Eleven | Emily St.John Mandel

Synopsis: Set in a post-epidemic America after the majority of the population has been wiped out, a group of actors and other performers travel across the country, setting up Shakespeare plays in the remaining settlements and trying to survive in their battered world.

Why I'm excited: This is one of the most popular novels published last year and everyone who has read it has given it stellar ratings. I'm already halfway through and loving it!

Emma | Jane Austen

Synopsis: This book follows Emma Woodhouse who is rich, spoiled and obsessed with matchmaking, eager to find love for everyone but herself, hilarious misunderstandings ensue...

Why I'm excited: I'm finally getting round to reading Austen. There is no doubt in my mind that I will thoroughly enjoy them! Also: this fills up my classic-quota for the month.

Uprooted | Naomi Novik

Synopsis: Released back in May of this year, Uprooted is a tale saturated with fairytales, folklore, and magic. It follows Agnieszka, a young woman who lives in a village surrounded by a treacherous forest that harbors all sorts of terrors. In order to protect themselves, the villagers employ the help of their resident wizard, The Dragon, who in exchange for his help demands a new servant girl every ten years. Agnieszka is convinced that her best friend Kasia will be his next pick but things don't really turn out the way she thinks they will...

Why I'm excited: Hello?! Fairytales!! Magic!! Wizards!! Sign. me. up. I've heard some amazing reviews from people I trust and also, the cover is un-freaking-believably beautiful. So glad I got the hardback!

Ah, I just love the prospect of some incredible stories. Don't you?
(Watch out for part II of this haul because no, I couldn't contain myself.)


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