May 17, 2015

Pollok Country Park

I'm currently counting down the days until I go home to Sweden on Saturday. I have been in Glasgow for almost five weeks now due to having three exams spread out over this time and my oh my, the time has gone slowly indeed. I'm someone who easily goes stir-crazy from being cooped up in one place for too long so it's been a bit of a challenge to get through this time.

The saviors in times like these are mini-adventures that fill up some of the days and leave you feeling like you've actually done something rather than just wasting away in your little student accommodation room. I personally love going exploring new places and since I won't be returning to Glasgow next semester, it's been nice to see some last minute attractions before I leave.

Last Monday the sun finally made an appearance and so my friend Mimmi and I hopped on a bus to Pollok Country Park which is a big estate and nature area located on Glasgow's South side. There we enjoyed lunch (sweet potato soup - yum!) and some cake (carrot cake with the best frosting ever!) before starting a big walk around the gardens and eventually round one of the forest trails.

My feet we're begging for a nap by the end of the day and it's safe to say that I went to bed that evening feeling properly tired but also like I had gotten a good amount of fresh air, which is so refreshing when you spend most of your time in the middle of a huge city.

I highly recommend Pollok Country Park for anyone who is in the Glasgow area...especially this time of year, it was so pretty with all the greening trees and the blooming flowers!