May 23, 2015

May Week #3

These past few days have been absolutely manic as I've been packing and cleaning up my student room in order to move home for the summer. Oh my god, you really don't realize how much stuff you accumulate until you're trying to fit your whole life into two's been...a process. 

But, I'm home now after a full day of travelling and more than enough queuing in airports (reminder: avoid travelling on Saturdays) and after sushi and ice-cream (!!!), I am now ready to pass out in front of Eurovision (seriously questioning why I'm watching this).

So as I haven't had time to put together anything blog-wise, I'll just share some phone-snaps from these past few days:

1. 7am selfie, I've been trying to become a morning person and to my immense surprise it's actually working!
2. 8am on a Thursday morning and I'm out for a run...yes, I know...whatever possessed me?
3. Last minute studying for my final exam...campus was stunning and that was somewhat encouraging!

4. Classic I'm-on-an-airplane-picture, the clouds are so pretty though, I couldn't resist.
5. Lilacs and cornflowers greeted me in my bedroom when I arrived home...MAY IS BEAUTIFUL OKAY?!
6. The promise of wild strawberries in the garden...I love the little signs that my favourite season is about to arrive.

7. Lucy's first reaction to my homecoming...fetching her tennis ball. #playerforlife
8. Gossamer inspiration in Vanity Fair's April issue, so stunning.
9. Titus was rather cuddly though. At least someone loves me. Hihi.

 Can't wait to get back into things here at home!

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