May 25, 2015


I must confess that I've been painting my nails with the same nail polish for going on three months now  (hello Essie's 'Luxedo') and as much as I love a good almost-black-but-not-really colour, I feel it is time to try out something new. I have the good fortune of having a mother who buys a lot of nail polishes so now that I'm home again there's just so much to choose from. 

Two gems that I picked out today for future use are these two, ' spin the bottle ' (the beige/pink one) and 'lilacism' (the ahem, lilac one), both from Essie. I have just painted my nails with 'Lilacism' and it I am absolutely loving the colour (and it appropriatley goes with the Lilacs on my desk). 

Essie has a long standing gold star in my book and I'm never disappointed by their selection of colours, application or lasting power. 


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