May 26, 2015

Printed dress & Block Heels

I don't know about you, but I am dying to break out the summer dresses...and hopefully the weather will soon allow it.
 I was having a bit of a rummage through all the summer-y things that I had put away and found this printed little mini dress from Zara ca 2013 which resulted in me playing around for a good thirty minutes, adding accessories and trying on different combinations.
Whereas two years ago I might have added a bunch of necklaces, bracelets or other busy accessories, I am now in a stage of being into simplicity and minimalism...especially when the actual dress itself is quite busy.

Here I'm wearing it paired with some block heels from & Other Stories (LOVE all of their shoes) and the Selma bag from Michael Kors.

(ignore my band-aid #fashion)


May 25, 2015

OUTFIT: New Level Jeans & A Tee


The jeans & t-shirt combination may seem boring and complacent but when you find jeans that fit you perfectly, suddenly no other outfit pick seems just as obvious. These Topshop Moto skinnies are so worth the £40 I spent on them (especially today when they're straight out of the drier) and they make me want to embrace the simplicity that is jeans plus a t-shirt. I added some wedges, a tailored blazer and this cute blue bag for some finishing voila! Ready for any situation!



I must confess that I've been painting my nails with the same nail polish for going on three months now  (hello Essie's 'Luxedo') and as much as I love a good almost-black-but-not-really colour, I feel it is time to try out something new. I have the good fortune of having a mother who buys a lot of nail polishes so now that I'm home again there's just so much to choose from. 

Two gems that I picked out today for future use are these two, ' spin the bottle ' (the beige/pink one) and 'lilacism' (the ahem, lilac one), both from Essie. I have just painted my nails with 'Lilacism' and it I am absolutely loving the colour (and it appropriatley goes with the Lilacs on my desk). 

Essie has a long standing gold star in my book and I'm never disappointed by their selection of colours, application or lasting power. 


May 24, 2015

Oh so BLUE!

This adorable little Michael Kors bag is simply perfect for right now. This shade of light blue is darling and I can't wait to pair it with my current go-to outfit consisting of jeans and a blazer but also with my favourite sundress once summer is properly here! I just love little bags that make big statements.
Michael Kors Selma Mini bag


May 23, 2015

May Week #3

These past few days have been absolutely manic as I've been packing and cleaning up my student room in order to move home for the summer. Oh my god, you really don't realize how much stuff you accumulate until you're trying to fit your whole life into two's been...a process. 

But, I'm home now after a full day of travelling and more than enough queuing in airports (reminder: avoid travelling on Saturdays) and after sushi and ice-cream (!!!), I am now ready to pass out in front of Eurovision (seriously questioning why I'm watching this).

So as I haven't had time to put together anything blog-wise, I'll just share some phone-snaps from these past few days:

1. 7am selfie, I've been trying to become a morning person and to my immense surprise it's actually working!
2. 8am on a Thursday morning and I'm out for a run...yes, I know...whatever possessed me?
3. Last minute studying for my final exam...campus was stunning and that was somewhat encouraging!

4. Classic I'm-on-an-airplane-picture, the clouds are so pretty though, I couldn't resist.
5. Lilacs and cornflowers greeted me in my bedroom when I arrived home...MAY IS BEAUTIFUL OKAY?!
6. The promise of wild strawberries in the garden...I love the little signs that my favourite season is about to arrive.

7. Lucy's first reaction to my homecoming...fetching her tennis ball. #playerforlife
8. Gossamer inspiration in Vanity Fair's April issue, so stunning.
9. Titus was rather cuddly though. At least someone loves me. Hihi.

 Can't wait to get back into things here at home!

May 20, 2015

My Mango Pick #1

A few days ago I posted about how much I am loving Mango's current collection and of course that meant that I didn't leave the store empty handed when I was there having a look two weeks ago. This white tunic was 50% and I thought it would be perfect for summer as it is a piece that is lightweight yet still looks quite put together.
Here I'm wearing it belted with a Louis Vuitton belt and my favourite little Tory Burch bag that just about holds anything I need for a fancy occasion (or just everyday tbh).

I love simple tunics for summer - you don't have to fuss to much about pairing things together and you can add so many accessories since the base is so simple!


May 18, 2015


Blouse | H&M     Jeans | Zara

Peasant blouses are just so.damn.cute. They are feminine, crisp and so simple and they work with everything. I especially love to pair mine with some ripped up boyfriend jeans to balance out the sweetness of the blouse. This plus some sneakers or even some block heels create a look that's perfect for this time of year!

(my boyfriend jeans are getting a bit too boyfriend-y, but please ignore)


#Killingit : MANGO SS15

I am loving Spring/Summer fashion this year...I am properly obsessed with it. Seventies fashion is not something I've thought much of in the past but I am completely sold on it now. I love the mix of tailored trousers, A-line skirts and button ups with bohemian blouses, loose fabrics and fringe. The result is a look that is both refined yet appropriately playful and breezy for the upcoming warmer months.

Isabel Marant and Chloé are, in my opinion (and probably everyone else's), the headliners when it comes to this season. Their SS15 collections truly epitomize this new take on 70's fashion by showcasing looks that are saturated with suede, lace-up sandals and high waistlines.  However, Marant and Chloé are distant dreams for a student like me, so finding high street brands that channel similar vibes is the way to go when pursuing this season's trends.

Mango is one of those stores I tend to forget about but I went in a while ago and was so pleasantly surprised by their current collection that I have been back again just to spend some time thoroughly browsing the store. I've fallen in love with the gorgeous china-blue suede jacket (pictured above) and I wanted to leave with just about every dress and tunic that was available.

The collage above includes my favourite Mango SS15 picks and they are ones that particularly coincide with what Marant and Chloé have shown off on the runways (with a slightly more achievable price tag, mind you.)

It's safe to say that Mango is #killingit right now. Seriously, go have a peek in store or check out their website. 


(Collage #1 | Sources: 1. 2. 3. 4.)
(Collage #2 | Dress . Skirt . Double-breasted tunic . Dress . Jacket . Trousers . Sandals . Heels. ) 

May 17, 2015

Pollok Country Park

I'm currently counting down the days until I go home to Sweden on Saturday. I have been in Glasgow for almost five weeks now due to having three exams spread out over this time and my oh my, the time has gone slowly indeed. I'm someone who easily goes stir-crazy from being cooped up in one place for too long so it's been a bit of a challenge to get through this time.

The saviors in times like these are mini-adventures that fill up some of the days and leave you feeling like you've actually done something rather than just wasting away in your little student accommodation room. I personally love going exploring new places and since I won't be returning to Glasgow next semester, it's been nice to see some last minute attractions before I leave.

Last Monday the sun finally made an appearance and so my friend Mimmi and I hopped on a bus to Pollok Country Park which is a big estate and nature area located on Glasgow's South side. There we enjoyed lunch (sweet potato soup - yum!) and some cake (carrot cake with the best frosting ever!) before starting a big walk around the gardens and eventually round one of the forest trails.

My feet we're begging for a nap by the end of the day and it's safe to say that I went to bed that evening feeling properly tired but also like I had gotten a good amount of fresh air, which is so refreshing when you spend most of your time in the middle of a huge city.

I highly recommend Pollok Country Park for anyone who is in the Glasgow area...especially this time of year, it was so pretty with all the greening trees and the blooming flowers!



While it may be pouring down with rain this sunday afternoon, I am still optimistic about the summer that is just around the corner. I am eagerly awaiting days of sunshine and warm temperatures so that reading books indoors can be exchanged with reading books at the beach and warm showers can be exchanged with cool dips in the ocean. June, please don't let me down.

What better time to start adding some summer pieces to the wardrobe? I picked up this tunic from H&M a few weeks back and it is now hanging in my closet waiting for the rain to stop. This tunic is appropriately 70's inspired and has some great detailing from the floral embroidery in the fabric to the lace up front. Even better? It was only £9! I know, right? What more is there to love?

I'm looking forward to wearing this either over a bikini or with some wedges and maybe a colorful bag for a more put-together look. AND my new sunglasses from Urban Outfitters of course.

*crosses fingers for a heatwave*