Nov 14, 2015

A Quiet Saturday

I have a new phone, hallelujah! Which means I can get back to taking random pictures of stuff that I do during the weeks and subsequently post them on this blog even though it's not remotely interesting...lets do it anyways! Here's my Saturday so far:

 I spent the morning eating banana pancakes and scrolling through my phone until I decided that it was time to get my butt over to the gym. I recently bought a gym membership and I've been trying to go daily.
Stockholm was rainy and very cold today in typical November fashion. Quite happy about being able to go to the gym instead of running outside.  

I'll spare you any post-gym selfies because after 40 minutes of running, my fave was bright red and I sat in the locker room for a while until I looked normal again, hah. 

On the way home I stopped by the grocery store to pick up some veggies and ended up indulging in a jar of almond butter since it's delicious (and I was inspired by my friend Mimmi (over @ MutedMornings)). 

And finally, the view from my window as the sun began to set. It is now dark out and I am still quite unused to how early it is...

This evening I plan on putting some extra effort into dinner (more on this later) and, ideally, doing some reading for my marketing class but realistically, I'll probably end up reading some cheesy YA novel, which is fine by me. 

What an exciting Saturday huh? 


Oct 27, 2015

Glorious Autumn Light

There's nothing more frustrating than finally understanding what you're studying the night before the exam. I wish I could've gotten over the brick wall a few days earlier so I could've gotten even further...but oh well, at least I understand most of it now.

I'm exhausted.  My brain is overworked and my right hand is aching from all the note-taking and mind-mapping I've been doing but the end to the misery is almost here.

Beautiful autumn days make exam-periods slightly better, the sun has been shining all the time and has been casting the most wonderful light on the city. It's fantastic to go full weeks without rain and I'm looking forward to the arrival of November.

Anyway, I'm procrastinating and I need to get back to revising until I possibly can't cram any more economic models into my head...tomorrow evening can't come fast enough. 

See yous later. 

Oct 21, 2015

Current events

On the train somewhere in mid-Sweden / Evenings at home in front of the TV 

Stress is running high and mighty at the moment thanks having exams on the horizon. I've spent the last two days stuck at my desk, taking endless notes whilst watching documentaries to keep the boredom at bay.
I am finally being productive though, so I'm feeling quite good about it.

Currently: Watching the news while growing increasingly tired of my own handwriting

Last Wednesday, I booked a last minute train ticket to go home for a few days and it was very nice to get away. The plan was to study during my time at home but in typical fashion, I abandoned those plans after one afternoon and spent the remaining time doing nothing more than hanging around the house, cooking and force-cuddling my dog.

I flew back up to Stockholm just in time to make it to my group presentation on Monday and since then I have been buried in revision. Lets just say that I am looking forward to next Wednesday, when I've hopefully passed two exams and I get the rest of the week off for more exploration and Halloween-celebrating before my next two courses start. Very excited.

Here are some thematic things to liven upp this rather dull post:


Oct 6, 2015


And so October arrived once again with splendid sunshine and a slight drop in temperatures which means that my favourite cashmere scarf got to accompany me out on my weekend adventures. Autumn might possibly be the best time for photographing, the sunshine is softer than during the summer and it makes everything look all heavenly.
It's almost midnight and I don't have much to say really, but I felt like checking in for a minute. Once again, I have one too many Stockholm-pictures to show but that's what my camera-roll consists of at the moment. I need to work on diversifying my content.

We've had the most stunning sunsets where the sky has been filled with neon-pink clouds and I have, of course, attempted to capture every single one of these moments. I can honestly admit that I think autumn is wonderful (almost hurts to say, being the hardcore summer-lover that I am). As long as the sun is shining, I don't mind this season at all.

I've made a list of some things I would like to do in October in order to make the most out of it. This list includes taking the bus out to a forest or two for a good dose of nature, baking at least once, watching some spooky movies (ahem spooky, not scary), visiting a farmer's market and quite a few other things that fit in with the cosy time of year that we're entering. I'm quite excited.

To wrap up this impromptu post, I'll leave you with a very appropriate quote that makes my heart swell from it's loveliness:

October arrived, spreading a damp chill over the grounds and into the castle. Madam Pomfrey, the nurse, was kept busy by a sudden spate of colds among the staff and students. Raindrops the size of bullets thundered on the castle windows for days on end; the lake rose, the flower beds turned into muddy streams, and Hagrid’s pumpkins swelled to the size of garden sheds."

(which reminds me it's high time for another HP re-read.)
See you soon!

Sep 20, 2015


What a brilliant and beautiful Sunday! The sun has been shining non stop and it was too warm to wear a about a complete turnaround from yesterday. My original plans for the day consisted of studying but it is now 4 pm and not a page has been no success in that regard. However, who can stay inside and try to understand economics when it's such a stunning day outside?
 I could not. 
I laced up my sneakers and headed out to explore Södermalm, where I live. Let's see what I found: 

The view from my window this morning was inviting me out. 

I walked past Mariatorget, which is a square surrounded by cafés and bakeries. The light was absolutely dreamy. 

I headed towards Skinnarviksberget and passed by these adorable houses...I want to live here. 

This area of Stockholm feels like its something out of a story. 

Even if it was difficult to find signs of autumn on a day like this, there were still a few hints here and there. 

I. cannot.with.this.light. 

Eventually the bushes gave way to a grand view of the entire city and I had to duck past tourists who were also trying to commemorate it. 

This here is the waterfront of the Old Town. That huge building behind the church tower is the palace. 

As you may or may not know, the city of Stockholm is built on many different islands which means that pretty much anywhere you go, you're never far away from the water. This is one of my favourite things about our capital, it calms down the hustle of a big city. 

After soaking up some more sun, I decided to be productive and head into the grocery store and that's when the blog-worthy events ended...
So happy to have spent some time with the camera this weekend. I had almost forgotten how much fun it is to capture some really good shots.


Sep 19, 2015

A Saturday of Exploring

 As I mentioned in my previous post, I had plans to do some exploring, camera in hand, this Saturday. When I woke up this morning to grey skies, it was very tempting to stay indoors but after a hearty breakfast and no signs of raindrops, I decided that I needed a day of simply walking around everywhere and breathing in some brisk September air. The island of Djurgården was my planned destination as it not only houses a handful of museums, a theme park and waterfront views, but also a generous amount of forest. Let's start from the beginning: 

I hopped of the metro at Karlaplan, an area of Stockholm that's just next to the busy shopping streets but is remarkably quiet and filled with old people and strollers.

The buildings around Karlaplan are beautiful (and also some of the most expensive in the city given it's convenient location.)

After following one of the main streets for a few minutes, I ended up at Strandvägen, Stockholm most exclusive waterfront adress, where the bridge to Djurgården is located. 

Right across the bridge lies The Nordic Museum, housed in a very grand building. Stockholm, please offer free student tickets so I can go explore all your museums please?

You can see how the Virginia Creeper is turning red...autumn is so pretty. 

I walked past the museum and these chestnut trees, opting for a route that kept me walking close to the water.

                         Converse might not be the best walking-all-day shoes, but oh well. 

The chosen path took me past Rosendal Castle which is adorably pink. It looks like a dollhouse castle to me. 

Rosendal is perhaps best known for its gardens. Lots of people gather here to eat lunch, walk around in the botanical gardens and perhaps buy some freshly baked bread from the bakery/shop. 

Ooh! Ah! Flowers!

There is also an apple and pear orchard where the fruit currently hangs red and ripe in the trees. 

Instead of staying in the gardens for a coffee, I headed on in search of some forest. Which didn't take me long to find...

At this point I was very content. I love forests, especially during autumn. 

Then, I headed off in an unknown direction and eventually ended up on the road back to the city and somehow forgot to take my camera out again...oops.  My legs were quite tired after quite a few hours walking (and all the stair-sprints I did yesterday) so I headed back to Södermalm (the island of Stockholm that I live on) and tried to get to know more of what my local area has to offer (I'll have to do a post about that another day) before going home. 

The best thing about moving to a new city is that there are so many chances for exploration. In fact, I think exploring is essential when new to a else are you going to get to know it? 

Hope you had a good Saturday as well!


Sep 18, 2015


List of current events and thoughts: 

1. I've resolved to spend tomorrow with my camera. There is so much distance between my usual creative habits and myself at the moment that it's driving me nuts. 
2.  I ran for the first time since moving to Stockholm today and I'm once again reminded by how good it makes me feel. Let's keep at it!
3. It feels like autumn outside but this city is so pretty that I'm (almost) not too bummed out by it. 

4. I've had a lot of moments this week where I've missed Glasgow, which surprised me. I left that city feeling so deflated but looking back on last autumn, there were some really good times. 
5. Making friends in a new city is hard. 
6. I went out of my way to go find this café that supposedly has the best vegan chocolate cake ever (hello friday treat!) and they were out... *sadface*
7. I am the worst grocery shopper in the world. I legit spent over an hour buying five things today. I  have to stroll around the store at least three times before committing to anything. 
8. The metro stopped in the middle of one of the tunnels today and it lowkey 
9. Eating tofu ice cream and trying to pick out a book to read is just about how exciting my friday evening has been and now I'm turning in...

... Good night.


Sep 9, 2015


September evening in Stockholm's Old Town

It's Wednesday afternoon and I'm already halfway through my third week of living in Stockholm. I've moved up here to attend university and so far, things have been running smoothly. Introduction weeks are always hectic, especially for someone like me, who is easily overwhelmed by meeting too many new people at once. Luckily, things have finally landed a bit and I can establish some form of routine here.

Last year in Glasgow, the homesickness hit the moment I left for the airport but this time around I have yet to feel anything of the sort. I suppose I'm more routined now when it comes to living on my own but I also suspect that Stockholm is a better fit for me (although, I have had a moment or two of missing Glasgow too).

I took a walk through the old town a couple evenings ago and let's just say that I am so excited about being so close to such beautiful areas.

Okay, writing is so hard when out of practice....I've tried several times with this post but I can't achieve anything so I'm just going to leave it at this:
Hey, I  live in Stockholm now and I'm very ecstatic about beginning a new phase in my life here. Lets see what happens... 


Aug 15, 2015

Saturday Sweets #1

Instead of munching on chocolate as my Saturday sweet-treat, I'm lusting after some updates for my coming fall wardrobe. It's 27° outside right now so I can't say it's time yet for ankle boots, black skinnies and leather gloves but sadly, that time will come rather soon.
I'm moving to Stockholm in a week and I am quite excited for the coming season, if not only for the chance to buy some new things.

In the collage above are some gems I've found while spending way too much time fretting over what clothes I "need" in order to feel ready to take on a new city:

1. Heartbreaker Bomber Jacket @ Olive & Frank (ASOS Marketplace) £50 
I am all for jackets and t-shirts with printed words on them and this 'heartbreaker' jacket is exactly the kind of sassy that I'm into. If they had it in black, I would buy it immediately (please?).

2. ASOS Gold Plated Sterling Silver Premium Double Ended Spike Earrings £20
Gold, spiked and black stones is exactly what I would wish for in an earring and these are perfection.

3. AnnaSophia Robb's NY Fashion Week Outfit
I am head over heels in love with this outfit. It's so classic yet kept youthful with the crop top and the lace skirt. This is what I want to look like when I go to events this autumn. Time to go hunting for some similar pieces.

4. Style Addict's Leila Lace-up Crop AU$49.99
The 70's lace-up trend is one that I hope sticks around for a long time. It's so hot.

5. Kylie 'Call me' Black Leatherette Clutch @ Billie X Shoes (ASOS Marketplace) £24.99
Again, loving anything with printed words. I think this little clutch bag would look fab on a night out. I also love their 'Mimi' faux fur clutches. 

ASOS Marketplace, by the way, is a fantastic place to find vintage, secondhand and independent label clothing - check it out!

What's something you're lusting after right now? 

August Sunsets

My friends and I have known each other for twelve years, which is a long time when you're only twenty years old. We have grown up together. I used to see their faces next to me in the classroom or hanging by the lockers during break almost everyday for seven years. Now I only see them a few times a year.

We're spread out at different universities, living different lives, occasionally checking in on each other and sharing stories of all the crazy shit that happens in the meantime. It's lucky our parents still all live in the same city, so that we end up in the same place during holidays, giving us a chance to hang out face-to-face and not face-to-screen-to-face.

An idyllic August evening is maybe the best time for such moments. Cooking dinner together, making things up as we go, and eventually settling down on the patio with full wine glasses and many new anecdotes to share. Last time we did this sort of thing it was January and we were making brunch, not dinner and we were certainly not seated outside and my legs were certainly not as tan as they are now and I certainly didn't expect the things that have happened to happen. A lot has changed but the wine and the sweet potato fries and the dynamic between us is all familiar, as I think they always will be.

We used to be dying to get out of this city and we're all happy that we've ended up elsewhere but when the background is a sunset too pretty to be real and the air is still warm at 11 pm, I don't think being back is so bad after all.


Aug 14, 2015

Rose gardens at Fredriksdal

On the last day of July, when the sky was overcast and promising rain, my grandma showed up and suggested we take a little trip somewhere to cure the tedious boredom that had set in after a week of inadequate weather. That somewhere ended up being Fredriksdal, located in the heart of Helsingborg, where I live. Fredriksdal is a vast park area that houses a variety of attractions including an estate house from 1787, a preserved town area that shows what Helsingborg looked like in the 19th century, old farm houses from the 17th century and my favourite part: endless gardens.

I dream of one day owning a little farm house (or maybe an estate haha) with plenty of space to plant everything that I could ever think of, so walking around in the bounty of Fredriksdal's gardens was very inspiring. There was a huge rose garden filled with every variation of colour and size of roses, which left us wondering how exactly one goes about planting a rose-arch (pictured above). Imagine having that in your own garden. How dreamy?!

Another highlight for me was their vegetable garden filled with tall beanstalks, ten different types of rhubarb, and practically every vegetable imaginable. For someone who is newly vegan and wishes she could be self-sufficient, a well-stocked vegetable patch is a bit of a fantasy. I was basically walking around as the heart-eyes emoji. Needless to say, my sister thought I'd gone a bit crazy.

After walking around the park trying to get a glimpse of the farm animals and being disappointed that we weren't allowed to pet the goats (I love goats), we grabbed a cup of coffee in one of the cafés (sadly, not very vegan-friendly) before going back towards the rose gardens for a second time before heading back home.

I've lived in Helsingborg for over a decade now and I'm often complaining about how little there is to do here but every once in a while, there certainly is the chance to see something new and exciting, perfect for afternoon adventures. What's the point of writing off a whole city before you've even seen everything?